06 June 2022

it’s FAIR, the new definition of FAIR from the inside out through an art exhibition

The Origin of it’s FAIR

“A good society consists of giving and taking appropriately”. Therefore, MBKG initiated “it’s FAIR” project to make all staff aware of giving and taking appropriately in the organization by providing a workplace environment surrounded by Forest and Art to allow all staff to have creativity, where Innovation comes in and together we Recycle waste materials in the office to conserve natural resources. That’s the first letter from Forest, Art, Innovation, and Recycle.

After this project had been implemented for a while, we realized that it should be conveyed outside, via a collaboration with Phichai Keawvichit, a freelance photographer who specializes in conveying the beauty of life through the architecture in the big apple uniquely through his IG @phichaikeawvichit. He lives nearby the company, so he tells the story of it’s FAIR in the company’s workplace in order to convey to the nearby communities the idea above, because we believe that a good society must start with ourselves first.

What Phichai Keawvichit thinks about joining it’s FAIR project

“First time I came to know and understand the origin of it’s FAIR project”, and the meaning from the word FAIR separately with an interesting perspective:

Forest: Nature
Art: Delight
Innovation: Creativity
Recycle: Responsibility for natural resources

That make me see that everyone should have their own FAIR and should be present in everywhere whether workplace, home, community, e.g. and pass on this idea to our society to make it truly FAIR.

“It must start with ourselves first. Therefore, we can move forward together to a FAIR society”

Experience the new definition of FAIR in MBKG Style through it’s FAIR by MBKG X PHICHAI KEAWVICHIT to make everyone aware of “give” and “take” appropriately and create the FAIR society starting from the inside out.

Visit the exhibition now at MBKG Headquarters, 9th Floor, MBK Tower, or visit online at IG@mbkguarantee