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Terms & Conditions

  • Kai Faak Size

    Up to 65% of valuation, minimum THB 10 million and uncapped maximum

  • Term

    At least 1 year with renewal for 1 year two times

  • Payment for redemption (or renewal)

    Paid in full or partially paid by 20% if renewed

  • Remuneration Payment

    Paid in advance for at least 1 year Unused remuneration will be refunded upon early redemption and adjusted according to the Kai Faak size of contract renewal

  • Others conditions

    Seller has the right to rent throughout the contract*

Remarks :

* In case the collateral has existing lessee before doing Kai Faak, MBKG have right to receive the rent, unless seller cancels the lease contract at the Kai Faak date.

Remuneration & Fees


  • Fixed up to 11% per annum


  • Front-end

    1.5% of Kai Faak size (one time upon drawdown)

  • Early redemption fee

    2% of early redemption amount (upon every early redemption)

  • Renewal

    1% of Kai Faak size (upon contract renewal)

Other Expenses

  • Inspection Fee

    Up to THB 10,000 /visit (as per distance) for travelling expenses

  • Appraisal Fee

    Subject to appraiser for setting Kai Faak size

  • Travelling Fee

    Up to THB 12,000 depending on distance for Kai Faak registration at the Land Department

  • Other related expenses

    Responsibility of seller

  • Land and building tax

    Responsibility of seller

  • Withholding Income tax

    Responsibility of MBKG

Property type

  • Accept only title deed or condo title (no leasehold or other possessory right in any forms)
  • Acceptable areas in Bangkok and peripheral areas, Chonburi, Rayong, Hua Hin, Cha-am, Samui, Phuket, Chiangmai, Korat, Khon Kaen, Udonthani
  • Unacceptable areas in agricultural, industrial, forestry areas, national forest reserves, national park.
  • Land plot must have a minimum width of 12 meters and access to the public road with width more than 6 meters, and can be developed into commercial project or as residential property.
  • Land plot must not exceed sea level by 80 meters and will not be considered in the case of a slope exceeding more than 30 degrees.
  • Land plot must have utility (electric, water, telephone signal etc.).
  • Land with commercial properties, all subject to company’s discretion and must be in ready-to-use with proper construction permit and not contrary to any law.
  • Properties under construction or incomplete are not accepted.

Required Documents


  • ID Card (valid for at least 6 months)
  • Marriage/divorce certificate (If any)
  • Spouse consent to sell property*
  • Bank statements for 6 latest months
  • Credit bureau reports from country of residence (valid within 3 months)
  • Others upon request

Remarks :

* Template is available.


  • Company’s official affidavit (valid within 3 months)
  • Shareholder list (from Bor-Or-Jor 5) (valid within 3 months)
  • Authorized director’s ID (valid for at least 6 months)
  • Financial statement for last 3 years audited by CPA
  • Tax return form for latest year
  • Bank statements for 6 latest months
  • Credit bureau reports from country of residence (valid within 3 months) (1)
  • Others upon request

Remarks :

(1) Credit bureau reports of directors

Property Documents

  • Title deed
  • Appraisal report by preferred appraiser*
  • Others upon request

Remarks :

* Contact details to be provided

Also require:
  • Signature for certified true copy for all copy documents
  • Thai/Eng translations for documents in other languages