What is the essence of Kai-Faak?

Essence under code 491 are :

  • Contract of Sale.
  • Ownership of the property sold passed to the buyers.
  • Contract with subject to redeem that property by seller.
Process of Kai-Faak?
Who can enjoy the benefits from MBKG’s Kai-Faak?
  • Property Owner or who shall request to own the property such as vacant land or land with building under MBKG concerned criteria.
  • Whoever may require working capital- business expansion, purchasing land, refinance etc.
  • Whoever may require quick cash without bulk of document preparation.
  • Whoever may not match with Bank’s required criteria or fail to be served from Bank’s service.
  • Capitalist with limited source of fund.
Why do Kai-Faak with MBKG ?
  • Considerable as property base.
  • Purpose of loan is not required.
  • No ceiling of approved credit limit .
  • Reasonable benefit rate (Interest Charge) and fee.
  • Fair and transparent contract.
  • Less required documents with simple approval process.
  • Quick cash within 7 working days.