Kai-Faak (Sale with Right of Redemption) is a traditional financing option in Thailand where the creditor holds onto the title deed and gives the borrower a right to buy back within a specific period.


Term & Conditions

  • Borrow up to 65% of valuation
  • All fees and charges deducted upfront with no monthly installment required, interest is proportionately refundable if early redemption.
  • Term no longer than 1 years (with renewal right for 1 years two times)
  • Drawdown within 7 working days after approval.
  • No land under development of condominium

Note : Subject to change without prior notice

Interest & Fees

  • Interest charges of 11% per annum plus arrangement fee of 1.5%
  • 2% Early redemption penalty
  • Optional 1% renewal fee with interest charges deducted at time of renewal
  • Inspection fee – up to THB 10,000/visit
  • Valuation fee – subject to valuer
  • Taxes, transfer fee and all related expenses to transact are responsible by seller


  • Beachfront or downtown collateral considered.
  • Freehold title deed only, do not accept right of possession such as Nor Sor 3 Kor or leasehold.
  • Access granted to public road.
  • Plot must not exceed sea level by 80 meters
  • Plot must have utility (electric, water and etc.)
  • Plot must not be in industrial, or Agriculture land.
  • Plot must not be under development or construction.
  • Land with commercial properties and subject to company’s discretion

Remark :
subject to change without prior notice

Required Documents


  • Valid ID/passport
  • Marriage/divorce certificate * (If any)
  • Spouse consent to borrow/mortgage property**
  • Bank statements for 6 latest months
  • Credit bureau reports from country of residence
  • Others upon request

* Applicant’s spouse may be required as co-borrower in some circumstances
** Template is available


  • Company’s official affidavit (valid within 3 months)
  • Shareholder list (form Bor-Or-Jor 5)
  • Company’s bank statements for 6 latest months
  • Authorized director’s valid ID/passport
  • Credit bureau reports of both company and directors
  • Others upon request

Director’s personal guarantee with company’s shares pledge are required

Property Documents

  • Land title deed
  • Valuation report by preferred appraiser*
  • Deposit/installment receipts
  • Others upon request

*Contact details to be provided

Also require :

  1. Signature for certified true copy for all copy documents
  2. Thai/English translations for documents in other languages