Condo Loan

Condo Loans

We are the number one provider of Foreigner Friendly Mortgage Finance Options in Thailand.

Lending to foreigners against Condominiums, Villa, Land Banks or Houses, we have finance facilities to suit all.

We can even offer Cash Back to foreigners who have purchased Property in Thailand and simply, would like some Cash Back, to spend. :

  • No restriction about nationality
  • Age up to 70 years is still eligible.*
  • Permanent residence and employment in Thailand are not required.
  • Work permit and Thai spouse are not required.
  • Revenue from oversea can be used for reference.
  • Loan purpose can be for buying new or second hand condo, refinancing existing loan or releasing equity.
  • Condo usage can be for own or investment.
  • Loan is available for both complete or off-plan condo projects.

Remarks :
* Age at the end of contract
All terms, conditions and availability are subject to change without prior notice.


Terms & Conditions

Condo in Bangkok and key resort area/provinces
Thai Baht
Loan amount
Up to 50% of property value
Minimum size
THB 1 million
Minimum 1 year to 10 years
Monthly installment* required with option for balloon payment (up to 50% of loan) at maturity
Fire insurance is required throughout contract. (subject to collateral)
Life insurance is required throughout contract. (upon age, gender, duration of contract, sum insured, etc)

Interest & Fees

Interest Rate
MLR+2% per annum^ (refer to TBANK's*)


1.25% of loan size (min. THB 30,000)**
2% of non loan disbursement
2% of prepaid loan amount for the first 3 years only

Other expenses

Mortgage fee
1% of loan size
Duty stamp
0.05% of loan size (max at THB 10,000)
Appraisal fee
Subject to appraiser
Premium subject to insurance company
Subject to conditions

Remarks :
^ In case MRTA is rejected, rate will be adjusted to MLR+2.8% per annum
* TBANK's MLR standing at 6.65% as of May 19,2017
** Varied by location from THB 30,000 – THB 40,000 per contract

Required Documents


  • ID/passport * (valid at least 6 months)
  • Marriage/divorce certificate ** (If any)
  • Spouse consent to borrow/mortgage property ***
  • Bank statements for 6 latest months
  • Credit bureau reports from country of residence
  • Others upon request ****

* - Passport with valid visa (when required) and latest immigration entry stamp upon The Kingdom arrival
- Passport used for applying credit must be the same as one used for mortgage registration at The Land Office.
**Applicant’s spouse may be required as co-borrower in some circumstances.
*** Template is available.
****In case of non-permanent residence in Thailand, utility bill (electric, water, telephone) with permanent address in aboard must be shown.


  • Company’s official affidavit (valid with in 3 months)
  • Shareholder list(form Bor-Or-Jor.5)
  • Authorized director’s ID/passport * (valid at least 6 months)
  • Financial statement for last 3 years audited by CPA
  • Bank statements for 6 latest months
  • Credit bureau reports of both company and directors
  • Others upon request **

* In case of the company has its director as a co-borrower usingthe company’s asset as collateral, the director to sign all relevant loan agreement shall be another director who is not co-borrower to the loan. Consent from the company’s shareholders must be obtained before doing mortgage registration at land office.
**In case of non-permanent residence in Thailand, utility bill (electric, water, telephone) with permanent address in aboard must be shown.

Property Documents

  • Condominium title
  • Valuation report by preferred appraiser*
  • Deposit/installment receipts
  • Others upon request

*contract details to be provided

Also require :

  1. Signature for certified true copy’ for all copy documents
  2. Thai/English translations for documents in other languages