Asset for Sales

Terms & Conditions

Purchase Process
Bidding and Payment Condition

  1. The buyer shall accept that the buying property condition is as-is where-is conditions and the buyer shall check/inspect the property in detail before entering into the bidding.
  2. The buyer agrees to deposit 10% of selling price by cashier cheque with “account payee only” to MBK –G and can be cleared in Bangkok area without bank fee. The buyer shall agree to sign Sales Contract within 10 days after placing deposit. The buyer agree to pay the final payment within 45 days after sign contract.
  3. The buyer shall be responsible for any ownership transfer fee and rental right including VAT, duty stamp, Transfer fee, and transfer fee of utility such as electricity, water supply and/or any deposit with such offices to MBK-G .
  4. In case that the bidding has more than 1 person offering similar price, MBK-G shall consider only the best bidding price while the buyer who offers the price in the first sequence will be considered or might conduct auction under MBK-G’s criteria.
  5. In case of changing name and/or adding more names for ownership transfer, the seller shall charge the fee of one percent of the property’s selling price on each person and must not be less than THB 50,000 per person (except a person in the same family name).The buyer must notify to the seller prior written notice in advance at least 10 days before the ownership transfer together with both existing buyer’s signature and new buyer’s signature.